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My mission is to create an empowered life within my ADHD household. I am blessed with two wonderful girls, Little Bit and Biggs. Biggs is a talented gymnast, and caring responsible big sister to Little Bit. Little Bit is a crazy smart, talented, beautiful little girl. She also almost certainly inherited her father’s ADHD.

Sadly, my husband did not have the advantage of ADHD tools in his childhood. As a teenager and adult, medication was the only tool he had. Due to the lack of sufficient tools, many aspects of life have been more difficult than necessary. However, I am determined to empower our girls to change the world for the better. I am creating a multilayer strategy to teach Little Bit all the tools possible. My crazy life includes working as a night shift nurse, homeschooling, and proud gymnastics mom.

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When I married my husband, he was open with me about his ADHD diagnosis. At the time I knew little about how ADHD truly affects life. When we met, he was very attentive, which made me feel special.

Life stressors increased with the addition of homeownership, children, and increasing financial responsibilities. It took many years to understand the role ADHD played in our lives.

I gained a lot of understanding when I was researching parenting solutions to use with our youngest daughter, Little Bit. As a result, I discovered many tools that my husband wasn’t given as a child. I am determined to do better for our daughter, and share our successes with others.

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