More team gifts for competition

Gymnastics competitions are an exciting time. The gymnasts have worked hard to get there. Here are more team gifts for competition. My girls love the fun goodies, and it’s an easy way to make sure every gymnast gets something when there tends to be so much merchandise for sale. My kiddos also love to be able to hand these out to their teammates at each competition. Check out my posts for competition survival for parents and gymnasts for some ideas to be prepared.

Hold your shapes

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I loved finding these little fidgets in bulk for the girls to play with. Our gym is huge into the fundamentals of holding shapes throughout the skills. Check out my post here on simple gymnastics scoring to understand why those shapes are so important. These toys serve the purpose of an encouraging reminder, and non-messy entertainment.

Bag accessories

Teams frequently get backpacks along with their competition leotards. I can often hear lots of jingling as the girls walk by with their bags. My kiddos definitely enjoy adding little trinkets to hang off of their backpacks. This little expandable straw fidget comes with a clasp to add to the trinkets if desired. And even Biggs teenage teammates were clamoring for the extras when I was assembling the goodies for Little Bit’s team.

Stretch out

These little slinky toys come in bright colors, and were a fun addition to the fidgets. And of course the reminder to stretch out those shapes, and shine bright. It’s amazing the difference a bright smile and confident chin pop makes in a routine.

Push it

I think these pop-it toys are around to stay. My girls never seem to tire of them. It’s fun for them to have them in all shapes, colors and sizes. And since I have two gymnasts that are always on the move, having something to keep their hands busy when they aren’t swinging and bouncing is helpful. And of course these are a reminder to push themselves to do their best rather than just going through the motions.

Stick it

The girls play “stick it” games in the gym to encourage them to learn to “stick” their landings. Clear, defined movements are important throughout, and the landing is no different. These sticky hands will be fun for the girls to play with while they are waiting to demonstrate their best “stick it”.

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