Essential oils to the test

What better place to put essential oils to the test than gymnastics? Check out my post here for essential oils for gymnasts. However, putting essential oils to the test right alongside the gymnasts can be the coaches. They have an extremely physically demanding job, often with the background of being a gymnast themselves. Their bodies need some TLC!

Mary Poppins bag

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Apparently Biggs has become known as a little bit of a Mary Poppins at the gym. Coaches have called on her many times for the tools in this nail kit she keeps in her locker. She makes tape grips like this to keep on hand for the littles, and has often been reported to have fixed up one of the younger girls with bandaids, ointment, etc. She keeps one of these homemade itch sticks in her locker to minimize one more distraction for herself and teammates. Biggs also keeps many of the tools we use to combat respiratory season on hand as well.

Skin care to the test

During the height of covid restriction, she had coaches and gymnasts coming to her for this hand sanitizer that was easier on their skin with frequent use, and smelled better. One of her coaches with sensitive skin sought out this lotion to combat the dryness from frequent hand washing.

Maximum muscle stress

Watching both the coaches and the gymnasts in the gym is awe inspiring. The gymnasts of course are pushing their muscles to the limits to accomplish their gymnastics feats. I have seen the coaches do some things that blow my mind away too. Watching them hold the gymnasts above their head before physically flipping them to their feet when learning how to flip off of bars shows amazing strength. However, it also shows how hard they are on their bodies.

Essential oils to the rescue

Doterra Deep Blue

DoTerra’s Deep Blue is probably my favorite essential oil product to date. This is something I never leave home without. It has also become a standard Christmas gift for our coaches to treat their muscles after all their hard work. One of Bigg’s coaches that calls on her for her Mary Poppin’s bag, just called across the gym the other day for her to give her Deep Blue to another coach with back pain. Now I call that a testament to its effectiveness! And the next coach was quickly turned from skeptic to believer.

Ready to act?

Interested in joining in our journey of self care with essential oils? Check out more on how we use essential oils for health here. And if you like what I’ve shared to treat your coaches and gymnasts, I have created a cart ready to order for your convenience. You can simply add or delete products to suit your needs. And if you’re ready to consistently experience and share the benefit of essential oils, I’ve created a enrollment order with some additional great starter products to sign up and enjoy wholesale pricing and the opportunity to earn points for further discounts. I’ve never regretted making that leap!

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