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I am passionate about discovering as many tools as possible for my daughter, husband, and the neurotypicals of the household to use to build an empowered ADHD life. I love sharing any tips and tricks I’ve learned with others on this journey.

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I am a doterra wellness advocate and blogger focused on any and all things related to thriving with ADHD, feel free to read the whole story and connect.

About me

I am a proud mom to a beautiful, scary smart, energetic daughter that likely inherited her father’s ADHD. I am a night shift nurse, homeschooling mom, and my second home is gymnastics where my daughters both thrive.



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I am Miriam, a mom blogger based in Colorado, blogging about our journey learning how to thrive in a household with both an ADHD affected child and husband. My goal is to share all of the tools we discover to turn the labeled disability into a superpower, while learning to thrive within the context of a neurotypical household and society.

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DIY oils, supplements, sensory tools, and healthy eating

Natural remedies

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Life hacks, sanity savers, and how to prioritize self care

TLC for the neurotypical

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Exercise for the mind, gymnastics tips, tricks, and favorite equipment

Gymnastics life

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