Useful ADHD (sugar free) Easter basket ideas

Healthy/helpful Easter Basket ideas

Easter, among many holidays, is known for lots of sugary treats. But with many ADHD kiddos, excessive sugar can be problematic. How can you make the holidays fun, without sending behavior off track? Here are some useful AHDH (sugar free) Easter basket ideas.

Sensory Fidget toys are all the rage

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Many sensory fidget toys are all the rage with everyone right now. From Pop-It’s, to fidget spinners, they are hot items across a wide span of age groups. Their popularity can make this a covetable item to include. We love this pack of pop bracelets. It allows us to have one on hand at all times for use when she needs something to keep her hands busy and mind focused. While they can be fun for anyone to play with, check out my post on how they can be a tool to calm out of control emotions.

Functional (active) clothes for the upcoming season

In my household it seems like someone is always upside down. The baseboard in the master bedroom regularly serves as a balance beam for handstands (despite having an actual beam). Dancing through the kitchen or living room always includes eye level kicks. For my girls that love dresses when they aren’t in leotards, leggings of varying lengths are a must. Here are some of our favorite capri leggings with a splash of color for fun summer activities. My girls love having a new outfit in their Easter basket as warmer weather approaches.

Screen free (safe zone) activities

Check back later this week for my post on the importance of no judgement screen free activities. While kiddos with ADHD may hyperfocus on screen time activities, there are often negative side effects. One of our favorite toys that offers a creative outlet are these magnet tiles. Little Bit has had lots of fun creating with these interlocking discs too.

Journal (gratitude)

Read my post here for how we use this gratitude journal for emotional intelligence. Journaling of any kind could be beneficial for mindfulness, decompression, or a creative outlet. Even for the younger kiddos that aren’t writing proficiently, books for drawing can be a great creative outlet. This kids mandala coloring book was something that captured extended focus for Little Bit at a young age.

Weighted blanket

If you don’t already have a weighted blanket for better sleep, Easter is a perfect time to purchase one. Better sleep makes for better executive functioning and better behaviors. The weighted blanket can also function like a warm hug with gentle pressure when there’s a need to calm down. Check out this soft weighted blanket that we used for Little Bit when she was younger. And this was the one we started with for older sister Biggs. A fun pattern, and super soft texture make these a perfect and functional gift. Read about these and other tools for better sleep with ADHD here.

Something to Read

Wether reading together or an independent reader, there are great books that highlight some of the ADHD superpowers. An amazing coach gave this book to Biggs as a birthday gift. Read my post here directed to coaches of ADHD athletes to discover why ADHD in sports can be quite the superpower if guided well.

Quality time

Kids crave quality time with parents. Adding a fun project like these stepping stones makes fun memories. We started putting puzzles together as a family on this puzzle board, so we could come and go as we had time. My girls have loved these puzzle packs. The size is just right for us.

Personalized items

As a parent of a busy athlete, especially one with ADHD, it can be hard to keep track of all of their items. I have spent morethan I’d like to admit to pay someone else to create personalized items for them. Having names on common items helps when items are accidentally left behind. We have loved these water bottles. It has saved permanently losing many water bottles at the gym. We love these personalized bags too! Since these items do eventually wear out, I am excited to have finally purchased a Cricut to make my own personalized items. These shirts, my first project, will be part of the Easter Basket booty this year. So excited to make many more projects!

Easter Eggs Too!

I love these fun Easter Egg packs on Amazon! Pre-stuffed treasures are great for the busy mom like myself. Slime is always a big hit for my older daughter, Biggs. Toys to keep hands and minds busy are great. Brain puzzles are great for on the go.

I hope you found something that works for your family, or inspired your own ideas.

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