Unique essential oil teachers gifts for all price ranges

I love opportunities to show love and appreciation for coaches or teachers that pour into my kids. However, coming up with something useful and unique can be hard. Staying within budget can be a challenge. I always feel like the girls come up with more people than I expect that need appreciation. Here are some unique essential oil teachers gifts for all price ranges. These would work great for coaches too.

Essential oil gift ideas for teachers or coaches

DIY essential oil gifts

There are so many DIY essential oil recipes that would work great for teachers, coaches, or others. The great thing about the DIY gifts is you can use the same ingredients for many gifts if you have many people that need some appreciation. Check out my DIY bath salt recipe. Everyone can use a little relaxation! Buying all of the supplies together makes the price per gift pretty reasonable. Same with this magnesium lotion which is also great for relaxation. These DIY shower melts are great for anyone works with lots of kids and the germs that come with them.

Here are a few of my other DIY recipes for more ideas:

Essential oil accessories as great teacher gifts

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Diffuser bracelet

An absolute favorite in my home is this diffuser bracelet, to smell great, and also get some topical benefits from the essential oils. As a bonus, its cute, adjustable, and affordable. I almost never wear bracelets, but this one has been the exception. So great to be able to add whatever oil I need that day. Teachers could use some extra help maintaining patience too!

This diffuser necklace is another cute and inexpensive option. We got this pack of chains with them, so you could even repackage the pendents with chains to divide between multiple recipients. Once again, cute and thoughtful for the teachers to be able to enjoy the benefits of essential oils in their own wearable diffuser.

I love having these diffusers on my car vent, with lots of the replacement pads to change the oil to suit the need. They add a little style, and are great for many occasions. I have added oils for wellness when myself or passengers are a little under the weather. I have adding some clean air oils when my furry passengers (I never knew some dogs get carsick!), get a little stinky. And I love being able to add calming oils when emotions are running high. The teachers or coaches in your life could use these to for many purposes!

Useful individual essential oil gifts (listed lowest to highest price at time of post)

Oils for Wellness

Oils to boost the mood/balance the emotions

  • Wild Orange (a great citrus smell to diffuse, clean and cheerful)
  • Cheer touch (roller blend to uplift mood)
  • Balance (Great to diffuse when emotions are raw)
  • Cheer (diffuse to uplift moods)
  • Adaptive (Love to diffuse this in my ADHD household for focus)

Oils to relieve pain

  • Deep Blue Stick (amazing topical applicator for sore muscles)
  • Past tense (great blend to mix with fractionated coconut oil and apply topically on forehead, temples, etc for headaches)
  • Deep Blue (pain blend to diffuse or dilute for topical use)

Oils for pampering

Get wholesale pricing

I love being a doterra wellness advocate and getting wholesale pricing plus other perks on all my oils. I also love the monthly loyalty orders that I can stock up a little each months to always have essential oil teachers gifts ready to give. It also spreads the cost of gift giving out over the year, plus you have constant access to wholesale pricing. Join me in pampering those that invest in our kids and our own lives. Check out a great enrollment kit here for some basic oils for yourself or to share. I’ve added a package of the sanitizing mist and hand and body lotion to the cart for your convenience to start building a gift stash of your own. Simply remove anything you don’t want from the cart.

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