Topical Magnesium changed our lives

Magnesium, the topical supplement that changed our ADHD lives

Family vacation?

Imagine the scenario….we were with extended family, staying in our tiny pop up camper at the family cabin.  Our girls were the only kids present, ages 4.5 and 9 at the time. They were surrounded by 3 adult couples, plus 2 older teenagers.  Other than myself and my husband, all of the other adults were happy to be past the kids stage.  Continue reading to see how topical magnesium changed our lives on this complicated family vacation.

Recipe for disaster

As usual, being out of the normal environment and routines, sleep was less than ideal.  On top of that, between the 3 families present, there were 6 dogs from 3 different families, one in particular that wasn’t great with kids.  My then 4 year old, adores animals, but of course doesn’t always respect their boundaries or body language in her intense love for them.  Our family dogs were part of the mix, but they are used to the kids. 

In addition to everything else, the cabin is full of items that are less than child friendly.   Combined family dynamics complicated things further. I think all parents recognize combining factors like this is a recipe for major meltdowns. Here’s where the life changing topical magnesium spray comes into play.

Magnesium spray photo
Magnesium spray to the rescue

Adding magnesium to the mix

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In the above situation, of course there did end up being some meltdowns, but it also completely convinced me of the value of adding topical magnesium to our ADHD tool box.  We had just started using this magnesium spray on my daughters feet. There is some research that magnesium may help particularly with the emotional regulation challenges with ADHD.  “Little bit”, as my husband fondly nick named our younger daughter definitely has a harder time than average regulating emotions.

Irrational meltdowns

Little Bit commonly will have a prolonged meltdown in response to simple things not going her way. My favorite meltdowns stem from things like her rolled peanut butter tortilla wrap being flattened rather than remaining round. Insert eye roll! (we love these lower carb tortillas), but check out these posts for other healthy snacks and cooking that keep us on track for nutritional management.

Little things like this, that truly make no difference would often send her spiraling into a major meltdown.  It’s one thing to diffuse meltdowns in the home environment, but totally different with the mix we had at the cabin. There was no way to maintain normal routines, and proper sleep.  It was a mothers nightmare of not only dealing with expected meltdowns, but having to do so gracefully under scrutiny from the in laws. 

Magnesium for the win

While there still ended up being criticism, her behavior was angelic compared to what I anticipated in the situation. The only change I can think to attribute it to was the addition of topical magnesium.  More recently I have changed the application of magnesium to a DIY lotion form mixed with essential oils.

Magnesium lotion ingredients
Magnesium lotion ingredients

Since then, of course there have still been meltdowns and outbursts, but I have truly seen a difference with the magnesium. Overall, most days we are able to redirect and talk through situations much better, without a full on prolonged meltdown.  Hooray for advances in our understanding of multimodal treatment methods for ADHD and other mental health challenges!  While we may at some point end up needing medication, I am dedicated to correcting as many imbalances naturally, that may have fewer undesirable side effects. Check out my post about the other supplements we use here. Follow our journey on Facebook or Pinterest.

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