Sleep success with ADHD

Sleep problems are a commonly searched item

I’ve seen moms in many forums, not just ADHD related, ask about sleep solutions for their kiddos. People with ADHD in particular often have difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep.  Sleep success with ADHD is vital for optimal brain functioning.

Weighted blankets for sleep

One of my favorite sleep solutions for Little Bit has been this weighted sleep blanket Little Bit absolutely loves her “special blanket”, and it really does help her settle down to sleep as long as she’s ready to leave it on. In fact pretty much the whole family has benefited from weighted blankets. 

Older sister, “Biggs” enjoys this slightly heavier blanket (blanket weights are recommended based on weight of user) that matches her sister. I can’t be the only parent with kiddos that always want what the other one gets.  Biggs has always been a good sleeper, but she still loves her weighted blanket. 

I even got my husband this adult size weighted blanket designed to apply the sensory, calming pressure, while keeping hot sleepers cool enough.  While not failproof, his sleep seems to have improved significantly, which can only help the brains ability to function well. 

Good for more than sleep

These blankets can be used for more than sleep. They are good to cuddle up on the couch when its time to focus on a task. The weight of the blanket also provides some extra calming and reassurance when needed.  Somehow the pressure of the weight accomplishes this task.  Check out how we use the pressure of another tool, our sensory swing, for school focus here.

Additional sleep strategies

Additional sleep strategies include a multilayer approach of healthy behaviors throughout the day. We can rarely succeed at all of it, but the layered approach improves chances of success. Check out some of our strategies for eating clean (limiting sugar) here, regular exercise, and supplements here. Check out this “calmer” essential oil, and other oils we use regularly here.

Calmer essential oil
We use this “calmer” essential oil at bedtime

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