Screen free activities for an emotionally safe creative outlet

Screen free activities for an emotionally safe creative outlet

ADHD can come with lots of energy to work out. Excess energy and poor executive function can lead to getting in trouble frequently. Emotional dysregulation can be a big part of life, and can be exacerbated frequent corrections. Screen time can feel like a safe zone, but can come with other problems. Screen free activities for an emotionally safe creative outlet can be a life saver.

Screen free activities for an emotionally safe creative outlet

Find their super power

Kiddos with ADHD are often brilliant. However their poor executive function may impact school and behavior performance. Plentiful opportunities to be successful are vital. Read my post here about how we use bonus stars to ensure success at home. Positive parenting for ADHD kiddos is so important.

Tapping into the brilliant creativity can provide excellent outlets for a safe success zone. ADHD can be brilliant builders, artists, bakers, or build stunning craft creations. Finding something they excel at, for which praise comes easily builds their self confidence. Provide screen free activities for an emotionally safe creative outlet.

Screen free Outlets for building and creating

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Both of my daughters of varying ages enjoyed building with these magnet tiles. There are larger pieces that are easy to clean up. For a beginning builder, they allow endless creative outlet opportunities. However they are simple enough to minimize frustration that may be encountered with more complex mediums. These are particularly great for the younger kiddos since they are easy to manipulate.

Another creative building tool for Little Bit has been these connectible discs. Legos are another popular outlet for the ADHD superpower to think outside the box. All of these building tools even have a bonus of then naturally learning some architecture basics.

Sensory play with creative outlets

One of Little Bit’s favorite playtime activities while waiting away from home is this DIY play dough. She can create all sorts of creations that suit her imagination. Play dough is also a great tool for little one’s to develop proper hand strength for writing.

We also love pulling out this craft box at home when Little Bit needs to stay busy. There are lots of textures and tons of options for creative making. I make sure and set up a space that a little mess won’t matter.

Artistic options

Little Bit loves animals. While these “diamond” paintings have a specific set of instructions to get the expected outcome, it is still something that can be completed at an appropriate age and get a beautiful outcome. There is a sense of accomplishment and visual reminder when complete.

Various yarn crafts can be great to keep the hands busy and productive. We started off with this loom set, which allows some creativity, but easy enough to learn at a relatively young age. Alterations can be made to the basic instructions to change designs as proficiency increases. The ability to make gifts for friends and families can be an added bonus.


If you’ve read many of my posts, you know gymnastics is a huge part of our lives. Gymnastics has been an excellent outlet for Little Bit. There is the typical thought of getting the energy out. Read my post here for more reasons gymnastics (and many other sports), benefit ADHD. Some activities may offer a little creative outlet like dance, or eventually gymnastics or figure skating. The physical outlet, developing new neural pathways, and crossing the midline are all beneficial. Sports can also offer opportunities to learn how to weather some constructive criticism. This is good practice, as frequent correction in environments such as school may not be a level playing field due to executive function. Sports can provide a level playing field.

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