My 10 most useful essential oils

My 10 most useful essential oils for natural remedies

It took me a long time to dive into the world of essential oils, but I’m so thrilled I finally did. A fellow nurse had been talking about it for years. I was skeptical, and not sure I wanted to invest in the cost. But, several years in, essential oils are part of daily life. Here are my 10 most useful essential oils. These are a great way to get started. I do not believe essential oils replace the need for modern medicine. However, they can be a great tool for minor ailments and general health. If used correctly, there can be less potential side effects than some medications.

On guard touch

On guard touch roller bottle

For a long time, I only used the essential oils in the roller bottles. While the diffusers are great, we are a family on the go. I needed to be able to use the oils on the go if they were going to be useful. The on guard touch is still one of my favorites. No one likes being sick! As a parent, kiddos are always bringing plenty of germs home. On countless occasions I have been well exposed to an illness. Other times I have felt swollen lymph nodes or mild sore throat and tiredness and was certain I was coming down with something. So many times, at the first concern of illness, I would apply my on guard touch every few hours. Since I was on the go, I’d usually just apply to inner wrists and back of neck since they were more accessible than the balls of my feet. Most times I did not end up getting sick, or if I did it was super mild.

The girls have showed similar benefits to using the on guard. They usually keep one in each of their gymnastics bags to have on hand. Check out my post here on essential oils for gymnasts.

Breathe Touch

When a cold does make it’s way into our household, Breathe Touch helps minimize the disruption to life. Both of the kiddos managed to get their dad’s tendency for a lingering cough whenever they get a cold. Pre-Covid, Biggs had to use breathe touch on her back and chest to calm her cough to make it through practice when she was well enough to go. With a cold this is added to our nightly routine to help calm the cough to allow for needed sleep for recovery. At night we use it on back, chest, and bottoms of feet.


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DoTerra Balance blend

Life is hard. Emotions are hard. Particularly in our ADHD household, at any time, someone is likely to be struggling with emotions. Balance gets a regular rotation in our diffuser. We use balance on these bracelets and in these necklaces. I even used Balance in this DIY play dough. Read my post here about how we use essential oils for ADHD emotions.


Just like the emotions, all of us can use a little help with focus on occasion. Adaptiv is another regular player in our diffuser. For a day that we need to buckle down on school work, we often use Adaptiv.

Deep Blue Stick

This Deep Blue Stick is one of my favorite new products from doTerra. As I have gotten older, aches and pains seem to be a regular part of life. My little gymnasts love this preparation of Deep Blue! Not having to use hands to massage the lotion onto the area is a perk. The lotion can be a little rough on broken skin such as gymnastics bar rips. The Deep Blue stick applies like a stick deodorant. No need to massage in.

I frequently use this Deep Blue stick for the tension headaches that originate in the neck and shoulders. It’s also great for the low back aches and pains from sitting too much.

Past Tense

The past tense is amazing for headaches. It should be used with carrier oil such as this coconut oil to minimize skin irritation. I use the coconut oil for many roller blends. I will use the past tense on temples, or forehead. The past tense works well on tense shoulder and neck muscles too. Working nights in a high stress environment makes this come in handy a lot. I’ve frequently lent it to coworkers that were struggling with headaches in the middle of our night shifts.

On Guard lozenges

The on guard lozenges are another powerful tool to calm a cough. These are the most soothing throat remedy I have found. The bonus of the on guard immune boosting formula does double duty. A bag of these is always on my night stand, for whenever a sore throat or tickle hits. The girls will keep some of these on hand at gymnastics too when recovering from a cold with a lingering cough.


DoTerra Calmer essential oil

This is definitely a daily use oil in our house. Check out our nightly routine here to make for better mornings with ADHD. Little Bit puts Calmer on her inner wrists and back of her neck every night as she climbs into bed. When Little Bit was younger, I always kept a roller with me on the go. When she would start to melt down and was beyond reasoning, she would roll her ”calm down oil” on the bottoms of her feet. Anyone with a kiddo that could use a little help with sleep, or gets triggered beyond reason will appreciate this one.


Serenity is another natural sleep aid. It’s great in the diffuser at night. I mix Serenity in this DIY magnesium lotion we put on our feet nightly. DoTerra also has Serenity soft gels formulated for internal use. Everyone can use a little extra help with sleep on occasion. Having something that can help without grogginess the next day is great.


Occasional tummy troubles are part of every household. Having something natural to soothe some mild tummy troubles is a great thing to have on hand. For me, working night shift can cause some digestion upset due to disruption in eating a sleep patterns. The digestZen can ease some of the nausea, bloat, or other tummy upset. Mild tummy complaints can be common in a household with kiddos. Having something gentle on hand to offer is great.

If you want to get started with oils you can order here. For ordering convenience, I have created a shopping cart with all of the products I have listed here. You can easily remove any products you are not interested in. To take advantage of member wholsesale pricing, you can sign up with this enrollment kit. It contains more than half of the products in this post in some form.

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