Last minute Mother’s Day gifts for the mom with ADHD kiddos

In the chaos of an ADHD household, planning ahead sometimes gets lost. Here are a few last minute Mother’s Day gifts for the mom with ADHD kiddos. A little something to make them feel special, while being practical.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

Gift energy to keep up with the chaos

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Coffee is definitely my daily companion. We recently had to replace our basic coffee maker after 15 years. I’m content with basic, but I have appreciated the quantity options of this one. Some days I just need a quick pick me up, so the single cup option is great. Other’s I need a lot of help to get going in the mornings (or get through the night). Night shift problems. On those days, my husband and I definitely can appreciate the whole pot option. I keep refilling with hot coffee for the full 2 hours it keeps it hot!

Also, I’m definitely a sucker for a high quality, cute coffee mug. As a busy family on the go, I love having something to keep my drinks either hot or cold. And as a mom that sometimes spends on everyone but myself, it’s nice to have something high quality and cute. Plus having a favorite drink stay hot or cold long enough to enjoy it through the day is a comforting treat. I love that these insulated tumblers come in a big pack for a super reasonable price. That makes it fun for me to personalize and share with my Cricut!

Simple ways to refuel the soul for Mother’s Day and beyond

Essential oils are a huge part of our household. Check out my post here for how we use grounding with our senses. Treat the mom in your life with this inexpensive diffuser to encourage calm in the chaos. At home, I put one of our favorite oils in this diffuser almost daily. Check out my favorite essential oils for ADHD here. Plus, we we get help with some pet odors without the chemicals that always give me headaches. Check out how our furry friends can positively impact life with ADHD here.

Diffuser bracelet

Since we are on the go a ton, I also “wear” my diffusers a lot. This bracelet has been a favorite for me. And for a gift, you can’t beat the price! It’s cute and functional. I love being able to put a little Balance on it on the days that I feel my patience is being tested. These necklace pendants are also a fun way to ”wear” a diffuser. And there are several to choose from, and even enough to share with your kids. Paired with these chains (chains are always breaking, so extras are great) it’s another inexpensive, fun and useful gift.

Recharge the mind

Gratitude journal

Practicing gratitude is beneficial for anyone. Amidst the crazy of mom life in an ADHD affected household, it is vital. Read about how we use this journal nightly with my girls to teach gratitude for emotional intelligence. I recently got this version for myself. Life has had lots of extra stressors, and taking time to reflect on the positives is helpful. I’m also a sucker for bright colors and fun designs. Win, win! Consider a gratitude journal for the mom in your life.

Music is another way I recharge. Check my post here for some of my favorite positive tunes. I love to pop in my headphones and listen to some encouraging music. Going for a walk, working in the yard, or even some housework can be turned into some me time. Support the mom in your life to get some me time with these headphones.

Gift DIY pampering for Mother’s Day and all year

Life is busy. Finances are tough. Wether an activity just for mom, or a fun activity with the girls, time for a little pampering can be great. Experimenting with DIY kits like this dip nails kit can be a lot of fun. Finding time to go to the salon can be hard. With kits like these, I don’t have to feel guilty about spending the money. I can get a ton of manicures from this kit! Encourage a little time for self care for the mom in your life! And the perk is once you figure it out, the result is much more durable than regular nail polish. Huge win for a hard working mom.

Tools for creativity

Gymnastics/dance t-shirt design

This cricut was the best splurge in awhile. Having names on items at the girls activities has saved many a lost water bottle or sweatshirt. But paying someone else for all the personalized items adds up. And it’s often hard to find the exact design you have in mind. I’ve just gotten started, but I can tell this will be a favorite tool for creativity! Plus, it could be a tool to make organization for ADHD cute and fun! I had fun making these t-shirts for my gymnast for Easter. The possibilities are endless. Support the mom in your life to explore her creativity with this one too.

Capture the fun

This gift is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but has been so worth it in my life! Memories are precious! Invest in a high quality camera like this one for the mom in your life. She’ll love capturing memories, or exploring her artistic side. She may even learn a new trade to do on the side. Photography is always in demand, and there are so many specialties. While I’d still love to invest in professional equipment some day, check out some shots I’ve captured of my daughters teammates! I’ve never taken an official photography class, so this can be done!

Gymnast leap on beam
Look at that height!

Decorate your space with positivity

Life in an ADHD household is hard. I love having these posters around the house for positivity. I framed them in these frames. It’s a reminder for the whole family when things aren’t going their way. Bless the mom in your life with some positivity too. The photos are beautiful and the messages are great.

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