Helpful essential oils for camp

Essential oils for summer camp

I am so excited to finally send Biggs to her first sleep away camp. However, as a mom, I might be a tad nervous. I want to send her fully prepared with at least some of the basic essential oils we use to treat minor discomforts at home. I want to make sure she is equipped with products she uses at home so she can be comfortable without needing to visit the camp nurse for every discomfort. Here are some of the helpful essential oils for camp.

Outdoors comfort and safety

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Sunscreen and bug spray are pretty standard fare for outdoors activities common at camp. Both are protective, but may contain ingredients that can add to toxic load. Bug spray with Deet is only safe for kids when directions are followed carefully. I’d prefer to send something for Biggs to use that less precision is required, especially if she shares.

DoTerra makes this great Terrashield bug spray. The smell is much less offensive to my kiddos than standard bug spray. While I’ve never found a completely fool proof bug spray, it seems to work well. I feel good about my kids using it. And in case use of bug spray is an afterthought, or determined bugs ignore the deterrent, I will be sending a couple of these DIY itch sticks.

I was hesitant to go the DIY route for sunscreen. I experienced many a bad sunburn throughout my life, and want my kiddos protected. However, I am also working hard to reduce the toxic load for my kiddos. Going the DIY route makes sure I know exactly what is in the products I use on my kiddos. Slowly but surely I am going this route for more and more things. For now, we’re sticking with this mineral sunscreen that I can feel good about the ingredients, and can swallow the price tag. Watch for a DIY sunscreen recipe soon once I’ve had time to experiment with recipes and slowly testing them with sun exposure.

Helpful essential oils to stay healthy at camp

Early in the Covid journey, my kiddos learned to appreciate this On Guard hand sanitizer from DoTerrra. It has a more pleasant smell, and is gentler on the skin than traditional hand sanitizer, but is effective too. Biggs is attending a gymnastics camp, so hand sanitizer will be needed between events in the gym. In addition, deodorant will be a must for the gym. Biggs loves this DoTerra deodorant, and I feel good about the ingredients.

Other tools that will go along are this on guard roller bottle to boost her immune system. This Breathe roller bottle will go in case there is any cough from allergies, especially since she will be in a different region from home. Tri-ease caplets will be going with any medications to the camp nurse for natural allergy relief. These have been a lifesaver for worsening allergies for myself, when maximum doses of allergy medicine still weren’t enough.

Natural remedies for common discomforts

Check out my post here on useful essential oils for gymnasts. I will include many of these when helping Biggs pack for camp. She will definitely want a Deep Blue stick for any sore muscles or joints from long days in the gym in addition to fun outdoor activities. I will include this DIY bruise blend for any bad bruises she acquires. This DIY sunburn relief blend will go along in case spots get missed with the sunscreen.

Just in case sleeping in a strange environment presents a challenge, I will send along the calmer roller bottle. We use it almost nightly at home for Little Bit. Her ADHD can make settling down for sleep at night a challenge, so this is one of many tools we use to help. Check out my post here for additional sleep strategies. Although Biggs generally doesn’t struggle with sleep, I like to give my kiddos as many solutions as possible when they encounter difficulties.

Shopping cart for helpful essential oils for camp

For your convenience, I have created a shopping cart for all of the essential oils listed above. These are all great tools for camp and beyond. You can easily remove any oils that you don’t want.

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