Favorite ADHD Supplements

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This post focuses on my favorite ADHD supplements. I am targeting common deficiencies found with ADHD before jumping to stimulant medication for the developing brain. This is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. This article covers a lot of the common deficiencies found with ADHD.

Our current favorite ADHD supplements

Many alternative therapies such as herbs, essential oils, acupressure, etc., have been around for much longer than Western medicine. However, many doctors receive limited training on such complimentary treatment options. I have encountered very few health professionals personally or professionally that fully understand complete physical and mental health. As alternative therapies gain popularity, many families are on their own to explore options besides pharmaceuticals.

Fish Oil

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Okay, so on to the supplements that we currently use.  The one supplement that my daughter’s pediatrician suggested based on research was 2000 mg fish oil.  The omega 3’s are well researched to benefit brain health among many other health benefits.  Despite striving for a widely varied and healthy diet, we often lack fish. I depend largely on crockpot meals (check out my life changing meal prep here).  Fish is a little trickier in the crockpot. 

Fish oil supplements are also a little tricky due to the taste and fish burps that is sometimes hard to hide.  Little bit doesn’t mind this Barlean’s piña colada, mixed in milk.  As a bonus, it contains only xylitol as sweetener, so does not add to the sugar intake.  There are several flavors available, and  Bigg’s likes this mango peach smoothie flavor.   


Following the dosing recommendation of the Barleans smoothie only gets us to 1080mg of Omega 3. We also have been using Smarty Pants gummies, for additional Omega 3, plus as a general multivitamin.  The Smarty Pants does contain 5mg of sugar per dose, but my girls don’t mind taking them. They contain a decent portion of the nutrients (vitamin D, zinc, and several B vitamins) we are targeting, so I’m okay with the compromise.  

Probiotic for gut health

We include this Probiotic supplement to help with gut/immune function based on research of gut health being related to ADHD.  It also contains a little sugar, which again, finding something that is easy to get the kiddos to take to achieve the desired benefits outweighed the small amount of sugar unless I can find a better alternative.

More recently, we’ve added this Elderberry supplement, that includes zinc.  While the supplement is primarily targeting immune function which is a plus during a pandemic, zinc is also commonly found to be deficient in kids with adhd, and is thought to impact emotional regulation.

Lastly, we’ve added this magnesium supplement. As a perk, it contains vitamin D and B6. Check out our impressive results with topical magnesium here.

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The content in this post is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  It is merely opinion based on personal research and experience.

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