Essential oils for health

I was a huge skeptic for years when I heard my coworker talking about using essential oils. It seemed crazy expensive for what seemed to be an uncertain benefit. However after hearing her talk for years, I finally jumped on the bandwagon with a list of oils I wanted to try, and I haven’t turned back. Increasing information is available about the toxins in things we use regularly in our home, and even ingest. Check out this article on the impact of toxins on things like ADHD. I am determined to do better for my kids. One way is using essential oils for health.

Take your vitamins

The content in this post is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is mearly opinion based on personal research and experience.

I hear more and more adults saying a simple goal they are setting is to take their vitamins and supplements regularly. It’s an easy way to help balance our bodies when life gets busy. We may not always make the best food choices or exercise like we know we should. While a vitamin regimen doesn’t replace those things, its another tool to keep us healthy. I talk tons with both my gymnast and my ADHD kiddo about using their tools. If there’s a full toolbox of things to keep us happy and healthy, when one thing falls through it can be balanced by others.

For me, it has been well worth it when I remember to add DoTerra’s vitality pack to my daily regimen. Getting a little help to balance out the nutrients to support my body and keep me healthy is vital.

Clean with confidence

Standard cleaning products on the market contain many toxins. And all the toxins can affect our health in so many ways. There is some evidence that toxic load can even contribute to things like ADHD. Check out my post here for a great DIY shower cleaner. And my kids love dropping these DIY toilet bombs in to help keep the toilets clean. I love being able to involve the kiddos in cleaning, without worrying about the harsh chemicals they might be exposed to.

Know what’s in your skin products

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects us from so many things. But it also absorbs both good and bad things into the body. More recent concerns have risen about things like parabens. Aluminum in our deodorant is another concern. So how do we maintain acceptable hygiene and beauty without allowing too many toxins into our bodies? Making your own DIY products is one way, which allows you to know exactly what is going into your body. Check back soon for my post on some of my go to DIY products for summer. Purchasing products from a trusted source that prides itself in producing products without toxins is another way.

Set up habits for health

To make it easy, I have the vitality pack as part of my monthly DoTerra Loyalty Reward Program. This allows me to get it at wholesale, along with so many other oils I use for DIY remedies, cleaning, etc. to decrease the toxic load for our families. It also allows me earning potential. I hate selling anything, but I invite you to check out this enrollment kit with tons of common products for DIY solutions. Plus I have added the vitality pack for your convenience. As a wellness advocate, you get products at wholesale, plus accumulate points and get monthly offers for additional discounts. When you enroll as a wellness advocate, and learn to love the products, you have potential to supplement your income when you naturally begin to share the products that improve your health.

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