Essential Oils for Gymnasts

Essential oils to help your gymnasts mentally and physically

Gymnastics is an amazing sport with many unique challenges. Both of my daughters, Little Bit and Biggs spend many of their hours doing gymnastics. Check out some of our favorite uses of essential oils for gymnasts.

Essential oils for the gymnasts sore muscles

Gymnastics provides fantastic exercise for both of my kiddos. It has strengthened them physically, mentally and emotionally. However, gymnastics can be hard on their bodies. For Little Bit, I like to keep “rescuer” readily available for sore muscles. Biggs keeps this Deep Blue roll on in her gymnastics bag. We use this Deep Blue lotion with massage when she has extra sore muscles. Check out other natural remedies for common gymnast ailments here.

Deep Blue Lotion

Essential Oils for the mental aspect of gymnastics

Little Bit benefits in so many ways from gymnastics. However, sometimes she needs extra help to overcome ADHD triggers to focus. Particularly on days that she may not have had maximum sleep or nutrition, I will have her apply “thinker” before class. This is combined with lots of positive affirmations and reminders for appropriate behavior in class. Read about some helpful information for the coaches here.

Biggs is several years into the world of competition. There can be a lot of pressure, both at competitions, and preceding classes. As difficulty of skills progress, confidence is imperative. She likes to apply motivate before competitions. If her confidence has been shaken by a rough practice, she will use it at practice as well. It is one of many tools to positively redirect her thoughts.

Essential oils for the emotions of gymnastics

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When Little Bit has had a rough day processing her big emotions, we often use Steady before practice. Check out some of our other uses of essential oils for emotions here.

Biggs likes her Balance deodorant for an aluminum/paraben free option. She likes the familiar smell of the Balance we diffuse at home on high emotion days. She also will chose to wear Balance in one of her favorite diffuser necklaces while not at practice.

Balance Deoderant

Keep the gymnasts healthy

On Guard was one of the first oils I tried myself. Countless times I have ended up with little to no symptoms after being certain I was coming down with something. I love being able to use On Guard roller bottle on the go. The girls and I apply it frequently whenever we have a known exposure to someone sick, or at the first sign of illness.

On Guard Roller

When a cold does strike, we love the On Guard lozenges for sore throat or cough. Both of my girls inherited the tendency towards lingering coughs whenever a cold appears. Using the Breathe lozenges, and the breathe roller bottle helps keep the cough under control.

Gifts for coaches

In addition to treating our family with essential oils, I have gifted many of the girls coaches with essential oils. I need them healthy to be there for my kiddos. For the spotting that is often required I want them to be pain free. I love showering them with appreciation for their hard work with practical gifts.

Christmas gift for the coaches

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