Essential Oils for Emotions

Essential oil collection for emotions

Essential Oils for Emotions

Poor emotional regulation is not listed as part of the DSM-5 criteria. However, being surrounded by ADHD relationships, I find this to be one of the more disruptive aspects in daily life. For our daughter, I implement a multilayer approach to her suspected ADHD. Essential oils for emotions is a great tool, especially when used in conjunction with other ADHD strategies.

Essential oil collection for emotions
There are lots of oils available for different moods and needs

I finally took the plunge about 3 years ago into the world of essential oils, and I am so glad I did! Emotions are hard! ADHD in addition to normal early childhood emotions needs a multimodal approach. I used to be one of the skeptics to the efficacy of essential oils. Now I believe “there’s an oil for that.” Everyone responds differently to oils, but if precautions are followed, its a low risk intervention to try. I find benefit in many areas of life from our use of essential oils. I also believe in the power of the mind, and taking action is powerful.

Oil to try for emotions

One of the first oils I tried was “Calmer” by Doterra, specifically formulated for kids. It is gentle enough for kids, and comes in a simple to apply, portable roller bottle. We started using this when she needed an additional tool to her sensory bottles. After having used in consistently, she would start to ask for it on her own. She started to recognize when she was starting to feel her emotions get out of control. Big win! She had an action to take that could redirect her attention. This pause allowed her to take the time to calm down.

“Calmer” roller bottle

How to explore additional oils

If you are interested in exploring additional tools with low side effects, check out this enrollment kit. It is a great introduction to some of my favorite oils for emotions and other purposes. This qualifies as an enrollment kit for wholesale pricing for the year. The kit includes the Adaptive blend. We diffuse Adaptive during homeschool, plus Little Bit loves to wear it on one of these necklaces. Adaptive is our go to when we need calming to focus on the task at hand.

Her sister Biggs uses Balance in her necklace. She loves the familiar scent from her natural Balance deodorant. Neurotypical family members need tools to stay calm and balanced in the ADHD whirlwind too. Plus, what little girl doesn’t love some special jewelry to feel good. I purchased these chains to go with the pendants. Cheap replacement are a plus when things seem to be misplaced easily with the ADHD creativity and curiosity.

Balance Oil

After you get started, doterra offers several monthly wellness kit programs.  These are great ways to earn the bonus oils offered each month. I’m looking forward to the Serenity Spray in my 3rd Mind and Mood kit. There are several monthly wellness kit programs tailored to certain different wellness topics. It can be canceled at any time, but is a great way to learn about the many uses of oils in life.

Interested in earning?

Doterra offers great quality tools for personal use, or tools to share and earn a little income if desired once you’ve experienced their benefits. Check out opportunities here. Follow me on Facebook or Pinterest to join our journey towards empowered ADHD living.

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