Essential oils for back to school

Summer always flies by for us. So busy with things like various summer camps (check out my post here for essential oils for camp). It seems like school is already around the corner. We choose to homeschool, however still face many of the things that come with school starting back up. Here are some of my favorite ways to use essential oils for back to school. If you are in a homeschooling ADHD affected household like ours, check out my post here on back to school.

Stay healthy for back to school

The content in this post is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is mearly opinion based on personal research and experience.

Bringing kids all together after summer in classrooms tends to be a Petrie dish for all the germs to spread. On guard sanitizer was a hot commodity for Bigg’s teammates at gymnastics when they were allowed to return after 2020 Covid shutdown. My kiddos tolerated the scent and feel better than the standard sanitizer the gym offered in bulk. The alcohol content matched alcohol percentage requirements, plus the bonus of the essential oils. Learn more about some of the germ fighting powers here.

Besides hand hygiene, I keep an on guard roller handy for quick application on the go. I use that several times through the day when I’m feeling run down or my exposure to illness has been high. When I’m really concerned I might be coming down with something, I add in the on guard beadlets. Between working with vulnerable populations in healthcare, plus the busy gymnastics/homeschooling mom, I need to limit downtime!

Keep mom (or dad) healthy too!

I have heard so many more adults recently say that a recent resolution was to just take their vitamins. Investing in our physical and mental health upfront is cheaper than treating illnesses or missing out on work or life. Good supplements are one of many ways to invest. I like to layer all of my tools when life gets in the way of good intentions. Check out the vitality supplement pack that DoTerra puts together, which can be a great part of a loyalty order to stay on track. While there is no promise of perfect health, keeping our bodies tanked up with the good stuff can go a long way in staying healthy.

Sleep schedule

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Summer schedules tend to be a little lax. Getting back into the routine of school can be a challenge. Getting to sleep earlier, and buckling down to get tasks done can be a challenge. This Serenity oil is a favorite tool to help wind down for sleep at bedtime. This diffuser has been fun for my girls in their bedroom. I’m hopeful that the Serenity bedding spray will appear again for special holiday offers! For the younger kiddos, I like to use this kids oil kit includes a Calmer roller, which can also be a great diversion to apply when a meltdown happens. The kids kit includes so many great oils formulated specifically appropriately diluted for kids.

Mood and focus

Especially in our ADHD household, mood and focus can be a challenge. For homeschool or homework time, we love to diffuse Adaptiv to help with the focus. When emotions are a roller coaster ride, we add in some Balance, either topical or diffusing. We have several of these simple diffusers around the house, plus these for the car.

Muscle care

Ramping up school sports or sitting for long school hours can result in sore muscles. Check out this deep blue stick for easy application of muscle relief. I rarely go anywhere without one for myself between excessive driving, bleacher sitting, or working long hours at a computer. It is a hot commodity at gymnastics, and most of the coaches have been gifted one at some point or another.

Treat your teachers

I love to shower the adults that invest in my kids with appreciation. Wether it’s coaches or teachers, they can have a big impact on our kids. I love to add some of this amazing smelling lotion to my loyalty orders throughout the year to have on hand for easy gifts.

Loyalty orders for year round essential oil goodness

As you can see, I have found many uses for essential oils. While some of these oils last a long time, I love the ease of the loyalty rewards orders to spread out the cost of great gifts, and keep enjoying benefits for my family year round. You can set recurring monthly orders (which can be customized to your needs each month) of oils or supplements, earn points for free stuff, and get offers for great deals each month. And check WHY I love using essential oils in my home to try to decrease our toxic load.

If you haven’t experienced the essential oil difference, check out this enrollment kit to get started. Alternatively, I have included all the items in this post into a personalized cart to get you started, but you can add or delete items easily. Join me on this year round wellness journey! I was once a skeptic, but have never regretted getting started!

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