Easy ways to group tasks for ADHD success

The ADHD brain often views time as ”now” or ”not now”. Here are some easy ways to group tasks for ADHD success. Key factors in setting up routines are to make it simple. Automate everything that can be automated. This article discussing some of these concepts.

How to use the ”microwave minute”

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Check out my recent post here for other time management techniques. Time high frequency tasks to help understand how long things take. Uninteresting or tedious tasks can be almost painful to the person with ADHD. However, breaking it down into manageable chunks can help.

This is where the ”microwave minute” can come in. In our household, it is the coffee pot minute. We love this coffee pot. With sometimes completely opposite schedules, it is sometimes beneficial to be able to make a single serving. Other days we need the full pot and more.

Once you identify a short event that occurs daily, associate a small task to do with it. The dishwasher needs to be emptied daily. This can often be accomplished in the amount of time that it takes for the coffee pot runs. Dedicate that time to doing a necessary task like unloading the dishwasher. The random online distraction can wait until later. Unloading or loading the dishwasher daily, along with the daily task of making coffee, is not daunting. However, dirty dishes piled up for a week is completely overwhelming. Do the dishes with a short daily event. The specified time limit makes it manageable. For example, use the minute it takes to microwave or toast breakfast. Once breakfast is done, move on. But since starting the task is often the hardest part, the short task usually gets finished.

Associate necessary daily tasks

Associate daily tasks with a routine to minimize interruptions throughout the day. I have asked or reminded my husband to do a task. Sometimes, if he is in the middle of another process, I get an irritated grumble. However, it helped to understand that his annoyed response was due to being afraid of forgetting to complete his current process. He was willing to help. But starting and stopping tasks can be difficult. Grouping necessary tasks with an associated task that will not get forgotten helps.

Everything in it’s time

If tasks are assigned to a particular timeframe, it’s easier to keep them from intruding into other activities. When everything has its specified block of time, tasks are less likely to get missed. Develop routines that make sense, which make them more likely to stick. Reminders help get back on track.

Visual reminders

Visual reminders can be key. Even with established routines, distractions happen. Place visual reminders where they stand out and where they are needed. Even for my non ADHD kiddo, visual reminders help to not forget things when there are distractions. Read here about how we use this responsibility chart. It is great way to track positive rewards for good behavior throughout the day.

This laminator has been a great investment! I have made laminated checklists for the girls daily home gymnastics practice. Each of their activity bags has a laminated supplies checklist. Check below for free printables to laminate grouped tasks for your own household. All of the visual reminders are great for our busy household, to keep things running smoothly.

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