Easy essential oil bruise blend to soothe and promote healing

Essential oils are great tools to learn how to use to ease common minor discomforts. Especially with kiddos with ADHD that may have sensory challenges, it is nice to have something low intervention to offer. Combine that with our crazy gymnastics lifestyle, bruises are kinda standard. Here is an easy essential oil bruise blend for a roller bottle to soothe and promote healing. My kiddos will ask for it now whenever they have a bruise that is bothering them. Check out my post here for some of my other favorite essential oils for gymnasts.

My favorite starter pre-made blends

When I started out using essential oils, almost all of the oils I ordered were pre-made roller blends. I loved having something with minimal side effects to grab for common household ailments. I was skeptical about wether everything was just hype, but had heard enough good from my coworker that didn’t seem like someone to buy into hype. I’m so glad I took the dive.

Having immune boosting, nausea fighting, pain relieving and respiratory relief essential oils on hand to easily use on the go was amazing. My very first order from a coworker contained deep blue (now in a stick, great for muscle aches and tension headaches), digestzen (calms tummy trouble), breathe (relieves respiratory symptoms), and on guard (for immune boosting). These were amazing oils to get started, that covered many of the common complaints I wanted to target. If you are just getting started, those cover a ton. For your convenience, I have created a cart with all of those favorite pre-made oils, which you can easily edit to suit your needs. I still use all of them, and will reach for one or another almost daily.

Why roller blends are my go-to

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Since we live life frequently on the go, roller bottles are much more practical than relying on a diffuser at home. However, I do start this diffuser up most mornings at home before we start school, or if moods could use stabilizing. On occasion I use these car vent diffusers too, if we need some serious odor control when one of our dogs throws up. Come to find out, after years of owning dogs, that some dogs can get carsick. Some grow out of it, but ours have not. Ewww!

Wether pre-made or DIY, roller blends are already diluted to easily and safely apply to the skin. If you want the benefits of more than one oil, mixes can be made in advance, so you don’t have to carry each individual oil separately. While Doterra offers a variety of blends, there are so many possibilities of other powerful combinations. And just like medications, not everyone responds the same to all oils. Combining your own oils in roller bottles can tailor towards desired personal affects.

Roller blend supplies

I love this pack of roller bottles. My kiddos love the colors, and for my early reader, she can differentiate by color between the blends I make for her. It contains pretty much everything needed, besides the oils themselves. I use this fractionated cocounut oil as my carrier oil in most blends. Once you have supplies, and a few oils in your collection, it’s amazing what you can make!

Easy essential oil bruise blend recipe

  • 10 drops Lavender oil (amazing oil to have on hand for so many different blends)
  • 10 drops Frankincense oil (a favorite oil for healing/pain)
  • 10 drops Cypress oil

Add these to a roller bottle like these. Top off with your favorite carrier oil like this FCO. Roll this blend on bruised area as needed and rub in gently.

For your convenience, I have created a cart with all the oils you need for this recipe. There are other places to get high quality oils, however not all oils are equal. When money has been tight, I have tried to save money by ordering off brands. I often end up with a headache, and less favorable results. Investing in high quality oils that can be used over and over has been a worthwhile investment for the health of my family!

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