Easy DIY daily shower spray to make cleaning a breeze

Easy DIY daily shower spray to make cleaning a breeze
Make cleaning easy and decrease toxic load

Any hacks to make keeping the house clean easier are a win. In a household affected by ADHD, automation or making things fun or easy helps. We love using this easy DIY daily shower spray to make cleaning a breeze.

Reducing our toxin load

Consumer education and awareness has increased over the last decade or so. It seems like suddenly everything we eat, drink, clean our home with increases the risk of cancer. People were switching to glass food storage containers, because the plastic leeched toxins, especially when heated. BPA free was the label to look for. More natural cleaning products have become the rage.

With ADHD, paying particular attention to toxins may benefit symptom management. One common culprit for scary toxins are cleaning products found in our home. If you read the fine print, the warning labels aren’t particularly comforting. And if you have used many bathroom cleaners that promise big results, you can testify to how carefully you need to use them. The ventilation warning is very real to not feel burning in your lungs. It’s definitely not something you want to accidentally splash in your eyes. Using these products without gloves will definitely dry out and irritate your skin.

“Natural” products can be expensive

A multitude natural focused companies have popped up in response to consumer demand for safer products. However, due to the ”natural” claim, many products are expensive. Trying to purchase all natural and environmentally friendly products can add up fast. Simple DIY recipes with ingredients in common can ease this burden. There are a few essential oils commonly used for cleaning. This makes it easy to make multiple products with one vial. It may not be the cheapest option, but more affordable than many. And once initial products are purchased such as the glass bottles and essential oils, it becomes cheaper to replenish.

Simple habits are easier to maintain with ADHD

Developing and maintaining regular cleaning habits can be hard. With ADHD this can be even more difficult. Making anything fun, or associating it with another routine can help. For this particular recipe, it’s easy to spray a little of the simple smell good spray while in the shower daily. Making it part of a daily habit that only takes a few seconds helps. The pleasant smell rather than harsh chemicals makes it pleasant rather than a dreaded task.

Supplies to make cleaning spray

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I mix my cleaning sprays in these amber glass bottles to protect the integrity of light sensitive products. It contains 2 of the 16 oz bottles for this recipe so you can have one for different bathrooms. The included smaller bottles are great for other DIY recipes. Essential oils should be used with glass containers rather than plastic. But they can be used over and over again. Bonus for being environmentally friendly.

Recipe for easy DIY daily shower spray to make cleaning a breeze

Add all ingredients to dark glass spray bottle and shake gently to mix before use.

That’s it! Daily use cuts down drastically on soap scum and minimizes the need to scrub. Read about the success of simplicity in our responsibility chart for our ADHD daughter here.

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