Competition survival kit for the gymnast

Gymnastics competition survival kit for gymnast
Gymnastics competition survival kit

Competitions are so exciting for Biggs. She loves a chance to showcase her skills. I can always hear her across the gym, being an amazing cheerleader for her teammates. She loves being cheered on by her teammates. However, competitions can also be stressful. Just like schools send out tips to prepare students before a big testing day, competition preparation matters. Here are some items to create a successful competition survival kit for the gymnast.

Nourishment to include in the competition survival kit for the gymnast

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Gymnastics competition sessions often run about 4 hours. Sometimes sessions get off schedule and there is a delay. Being well prepared with nourishing food is a must! Make sure to include some protein and complex carbs with fiber. Keep the mess to a minimum too. Cheetos are not going to endear you to the coaches or anyone else! If your gymnast is responsible enough to put the lid back on, these Chia squeeze packets are a favorite for us. These chia bars are another healthy snack option. I often include some form of trail mix, or nuts, but make sure any flavoring isn’t too messy. Just make sure to include plenty of healthy, mess free snacks your gymnast will enjoy.

In the early years, your gymnast isn’t going to pause to not wipe her hands on her clothes when its time to move on to the next event. Including some wipes can help too, as sometimes snack time is limited. We keep this DoTerra hand sanitizer in all the girls gym bags to help with the germs when a trip to the sink is unlikely.

Water bottle

Motivational water bottle

Last but not least, don’t forget a water bottle. We love these personalized water bottles for every day use in the gym. They are a life saver to keep track of water bottles left throughout the gym. However Biggs has been worried about leaving them behind at competition, so we found an inexpensive one with a motivational quote at Walmart for competitions. I’m looking forward to expanding my Cricut projects to water bottles, so we can make our own competition water bottles.

Secure hair, leotards, etc.

Competition hair

Competition hair can be quite the thing. Check back next week for my post on hair tips and tricks. Regardless of the style, gel such as this one is going to be your friend in creating your style. For touch ups and finishing hold, we love this hair spray. Glitter hair spray can add some extra sparkle if allowed by your gym. After halloween is over, I grabbed a bunch of glitter spray on clearance. A baggy of extra bobby pins, hair elastics, extra competition bow if you get one are all extra piece of mind if extra on the go reinforcement is needed.

Butt glue can be your friend. Since the gym controls the leotard choice, not all leotards will fit the girls equally. I have seen many a competition wedgie! When our gym changed brands, one year it was such an issue I had to think long and hard if a video was appropriate to post. Also, when needed, make sure you have a sports bra that will stay in place and out of sight. A trusted teammate has recommended knixteen period panties for protection under leotards. While we haven’t had to use them yet, we have our kit ready. Double check ahead of time that things don’t show. Having all of those things in advance helps prevent worries about unneeded embarrassment.

Essential oils for competition day

Competition day nerves can be tough. Especially if your gymnast is struggling with a mental block on a skill. Read more about that in my post here. When Biggs got a chance to attend an event with Laurie Hernandez, she thought it was cool hearing she used essential oils for nerves too. We love this motivate by doTerra. If nothing else, having an action to take when the nerves hit is helpful.

I also stock a few essential oils in Biggs competition bag for comfort. This Deep Blue stick is probably her favorite for aches and pains. Read about more of our favorite essential oils for gymnasts here. On Guard lozenges are great to calm a raw throat. Breathe touch is great to help quiet a lingering cough. Digestzen is great to keep on hand if tummy troubles are common.

Grips and Tiger Paws

At the end of practice before a competition, there are usually frequent reminders among the parents and gymnasts to remember their grips. Items such as grips and tiger paws are often stored at the gym to be readily available. However, they are vital to remember for competition day. Don’t forget to grab any needed items that are typically stored at the gym. In addition to those, Biggs sometimes will grab her preferred tapes for support of an injury.

For your convenience, I have created a shopping cart for all the essential oils listed above. It is easy to remove any from your cart that you wouldn’t use. If you are interested in earning wholesale pricing on further essential oils, check out this enrollment kit here. It includes several of the base oils listed.

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