Combat respiratory season with essential oils

Close on the heals of back to school seems to inevitably be respiratory season. Check out my post here on using essential oils for successful transition back to school. Now that the kiddos are back to school, here is some ammunition to combat respiratory season with essential oils.

Why I rarely use OTC cold medicine

The content in this post is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is mearly opinion based on personal research and experience.

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend use of OTC cold medicine for young children. Some of the medications have limited evidence of benefit, while there are known adverse effects. Combination medications such as those containing acetaminophen or ibuprofen can inadvertently risk dangerous overdose. Many children’s medications come in liquid form with dyes to make them more appealing. Some of these dyes have been linked with exacerbation of ADHD symptoms. Even for myself, most cold medicine gives me undesired side effects such as racing heart. I typically feel much better using natural remedies.

Preventative measures

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I try to live by the proverb “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. With our busy lifestyle, I fall short in many areas. However, small healthy choices add up over time. Check out my post for some ways I strive to reduce toxic load in our household. Regular sunshine is a favorite simple way to boost immunity. Healthy food choices are a part of our toolkit.

For myself, I love having this supplement pack on my monthly loyalty order through DoTerra. All of the capsules are bit much for my girls to swallow, but I feel good about adding it to my healthy toolkit. For my girls I have changed vitamins and supplements several times based on what they are willing to swallow. Check out this post on some of the supplements we have used to improve ADHD symptoms. At the moment we have settled on a more simple regimen of this multivitamin combined with this omega 3 supplement. We do what we can to balance things out for when the diet is lacking, and something the girls will do willingly is a win.

Ramping up the defense

When there has been a known significant exposure, or appearance of subtle suspicious symptoms, I start ramping up the defenses fast. I love this On Guard Roller I can apply on the go several times throughout the day. Biggs keeps one in her gymnastics bag too. I love these little beadlets to take several times throughout the day as well. Little Bit isn’t a fan of the taste when squished on the roof of her mouth yet, but is usually willing to oblige a few times a day when she’s starting to feel under the weather. These are great ways to combat respiratory season with essential oils. I can’t tell you how many times I was certain one of us was getting sick, and it turned into nothing or something very minor and short lived.

In addition to the essential oils, I try to be extra mindful of my water intake. I’ll often add this flavoring to my water, which includes a little caffeine boost to keep my energy up along with the immune boost. While the caffeine may not help the immune system, as a busy working, homeschooling, gymnastic mom, it’s part of life. Plus, I love the flavor, and it encourages me to drink more water. It’s a go for the girls as well, and may even help Little Bit with her focus. Elderberry tea with honey is also a staple when the hint of a cold appears. Immune boosting plus hydration, and soothing for some of the symptoms.

Essential oil symptom relief

When the respiratory symptoms strike in earnest, DoTerra offers several remedies for much needed relief. I keep all of these on hand, and will add them to my loyalty orders throughout the year. It’s a great way to meet the quota to qualify for the free monthly gift!

Breathe touch is great to apply to chest/back/feet to help relieve a pesky cough. Same concept as Vicks Vapor Rub, but less messy. For upper respiratory congestion I have sometimes used it along the side of my nose, or under. Just make sure not to get it near your eyes!

To calm the throat irritation causing a cough, breathe lozenges are amazing, and can help open up sinuses. The On Guard lozenges also work well for my cough, along with amazing sore throat relief.

If you are staying home, adding Breathe or On Guard to your diffusers is another great addition. I have these inexpensive diffusers throughout the house. For the kiddos, they love this one in their bedroom. These shower steamers are a great addition to the relief as well.


Hand hygiene is highly recommended as the best way to prevent spread of illness. We ramp up our use of On Guard sanitizer when someone in the household is exhibiting signs of being sick. This On Guard cleaning concentrate is a great multipurpose cleaner to be used on surfaces throughout the home. And once everyone is feeling better, don’t forget to change out toothbrushes to help prevent re-exposure.

Loyalty Orders to prepare

Being a DoTerra wellness advocate has been a blessing. I have always been a caregiver, even from a young age. I can’t help wanting to help others feel better, and live their best lives. This is why I started giving essential oils as teacher and coaches gifts regularly. Having a loyalty order helps me distribute the cost throughout the year, and earns points for free oils. Win-win.

For your convenience, I have added all of the products in this post to a cart to get you started. You can easily add or remove items to suit your personal preferences. Although I was a skeptic when I started, I have never regretted starting down the path of using essential oils for my family. Join me on the journey to better health.

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