Cheap and easy team gifts for gymnasts

Squishy star team gifts for gymnasts

My girls have gained so much from gymnastics. Even though it is largely an individual sport, they still have the opportunity to learn how to be amazing team members. When there are interpersonal struggles, I have encouraged then to always be an encourager. They never know when they are going to be the one struggling with an injury or a mental block. Click links for our experience with those. Involve the kiddos in preparing these cheap and easy team gifts for gymnasts. It can be a great way to practice encouraging teammates.

Stress stars

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Encouraging squishy stars

Our gym prides itself on leaving a good impression. I needed to provide goodies for the girls that wouldn’t leave a mess of crumbs or wrappers behind. I also was aiming for something the girls could fidget with. Read here about why gymnastics is so helpful for ADHD. I have discovered that the gym is full of kiddos with ADHD. I found these “stress balls” in the form of these squishy stars with encouraging messages. It fit the bill perfectly for both the encouraging messages in addition to sensory stimulation.

Glow sticks

I was thrilled to find this inexpensive bulk pack of glow sticks. My kiddos both love glow sticks! Our favorite use so far has been using glow sticks while waiting for fireworks shows to start. These are also going to double as a Halloween gift instead of candy for dance classmates. Read here about our ADHD diet goals, which makes finding non-sugary treats important.

Bendy glow straws

I love toys that can be used to build for my ADHD kiddo. Things that glow are an added bonus. These bendy glow straws can be connected together for lots of creativity. The girls can have fun creating together during their downtime.

Fidget keychain

My older daughter loves to personalize her competition bag with what seems to be endless dangling keychains. Fidget toys are all the rage right now, but can be especially helpful for those with ADHD. I found this bulk pack of push pop keychains to include in the encouraging goodies for the team.

Personalized water bottles

Water bottle team gifts for gymnasts
Personalized encouraging water bottles

We kicked off the season with these encouraging ”you got this” personalized water bottles. My cricut has become one of the greatest DIY investments ever. I had spent what felt like a fortune on personalized water bottles, bags, and clothes for my girls. I love the personalization to help keep tabs on all the items at the gym. But now I can make my own items and gifts at a fraction of the cost.

These water bottles I found at Dollar Tree. I used this vinyl in their team colors for their name, the gymnast silhouettes, and ”you got this”. Partway through, I discovered this transfer tape, which made the process so much easier. Parents keep telling me the girls are loving these water bottles too.

I hope you enjoyed some of these cheap and easy team gifts for gymnasts!

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