10 Reasons to homeschool

Before I became a parent I thought I would never homeschool my children. I didn’t think I had the patience. Some homeschooled kids I knew struggled to navigate social situations as adults. Below are 10 reasons to homeschool outside of the stereotypes. Homeschool schedule flexibility People ask me all the time how I have time… Continue reading 10 Reasons to homeschool

Finally a responsibility chart that works!

One of many chore systems

Chore charts can be a struggle to create and implement successfully. In our household, it is complicated by a parent with ADHD. Creating and sticking with systems is difficult. Many attempts have been made and failed for various reasons. In desperation to pull out all the stops to help Little Bit have the best chance… Continue reading Finally a responsibility chart that works!

Gymnastics Foot Injury

Biggs recently suffered her first significant gymnastics foot injury. Unfortunately, injuries of varying severity often come with competitive sports. She was fortunate it was “only” tendinitis complicated by a sprain. Here is some of the story behind the injury, and tips and tricks we used while healing. Our Story Leading up to the official injury,… Continue reading Gymnastics Foot Injury

Freezer meal prep to the Rescue

Why freezer meal prep Freezer meal prep can be a life saver. Does “what’s for dinner” seem like it’s a broken record at your house? Do you cringe at the cost of eating out too often when you’re too tired to answer that question?  Does feeding your family healthy meals seem unattainable? Do you run… Continue reading Freezer meal prep to the Rescue