Competition survival kit for the gymnast

Gymnastics competition survival kit

Competitions are so exciting for Biggs. She loves a chance to showcase her skills. I can always hear her across the gym, being an amazing cheerleader for her teammates. She loves being cheered on by her teammates. However, competitions can also be stressful. Just like schools send out tips to prepare students before a big… Continue reading Competition survival kit for the gymnast

Gymnastics competition survival kit for parents

I love the crazy gymnastics life! Competitions are full of excitement, nerves, and proud mama moments. But gymnastics competitions are long! Sessions can be 4 hours long, which can get really uncomfortable if you aren’t well prepared. Here are things I recommend including in your gymnastics competition survival kit for parents. Get comfortable Seating for… Continue reading Gymnastics competition survival kit for parents

Why gymnasts develop fear and how to help

Gymnastics on tv often make high level skills look easy. However as a mom of 2 gymnasts, I can tell you otherwise. There are MANY hours of practice. Skills are sometimes achieved, then lost, and then achieved again. Progress may seem to happen at a snails pace. But sometimes gymnasts suddenly develop what’s often referred… Continue reading Why gymnasts develop fear and how to help

10 Reasons to homeschool

Before I became a parent I thought I would never homeschool my children. I didn’t think I had the patience. Some homeschooled kids I knew struggled to navigate social situations as adults. Below are 10 reasons to homeschool outside of the stereotypes. Homeschool schedule flexibility People ask me all the time how I have time… Continue reading 10 Reasons to homeschool

Essential Oils for Gymnasts

Gymnastics is an amazing sport with many unique challenges. Both of my daughters, Little Bit and Biggs spend many of their hours doing gymnastics. Check out some of our favorite uses of essential oils for gymnasts. Essential oils for the gymnasts sore muscles Gymnastics provides fantastic exercise for both of my kiddos. It has strengthened… Continue reading Essential Oils for Gymnasts

Valuable ADHD information for the coach

ADHD is hard. Being in a family with ADHD family members is hard! Being limited due to ADHD is heart breaking. Here is valuable ADHD information for the coach that might give them a little more insight. ADHD does not have to hold someone back. Look at Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, and Michael Jordan. There… Continue reading Valuable ADHD information for the coach

Gymnastics Foot Injury

Biggs recently suffered her first significant gymnastics foot injury. Unfortunately, injuries of varying severity often come with competitive sports. She was fortunate it was “only” tendinitis complicated by a sprain. Here is some of the story behind the injury, and tips and tricks we used while healing. Our Story Leading up to the official injury,… Continue reading Gymnastics Foot Injury

Natural solutions for gymnasts

Gymnastics is an amazing sport that can develop mental toughness, physical skill, and perseverance. However, gymnastics can be hard on the body. Here are some of our favorite natural solutions for gymnasts. Natural solutions for sore muscles Affiliate links for products we love at no additional cost to the reader. Sore muscles can accompany any… Continue reading Natural solutions for gymnasts

Gymnastics for ADHD

Exercise for ADHD Exercise, specifically gymnastics is a wonderful tool to help manage ADHD symptoms. One of my favorite quotes from the character Elle Woods in Legally Blonde is, Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” While her reasoning may not stand up in… Continue reading Gymnastics for ADHD