10 simple happiness triggers for daily practice

Consciously choosing happiness daily

In a world full of advice and comparison, it’s easy to feel inadequate. There is lots of advice on self care, but much of it is expensive or time consuming. However, in a world with limited ability to avoid all negative triggers, happiness tools are vital. Here are 10 simple happiness triggers for daily practice… Continue reading 10 simple happiness triggers for daily practice

Don’t forget to love yourself first

Parenting is hard! Parenting a child with ADHD can seem insurmountable at times! Life throws curveballs, and routines and systems get thrown off track. Don’t forget to love yourself first through the ups and downs! How do you talk to yourself? My older daughter Biggs recently started to experience some self doubt in her gymnastics.… Continue reading Don’t forget to love yourself first

Successful Mornings with ADHD

Mornings can be hard for many people. Mornings with ADHD can be even harder. Using all the tools to set the stage for a successful day are even more important with ADHD. Here are some things we utilize to have successful mornings with ADHD. Start the Night Before As an Amazon Associate I earn from… Continue reading Successful Mornings with ADHD

10 Reasons to homeschool

Before I became a parent I thought I would never homeschool my children. I didn’t think I had the patience. Some homeschooled kids I knew struggled to navigate social situations as adults. Below are 10 reasons to homeschool outside of the stereotypes. Homeschool schedule flexibility People ask me all the time how I have time… Continue reading 10 Reasons to homeschool

Finally a responsibility chart that works!

One of many chore systems

Chore charts can be a struggle to create and implement successfully. In our household, it is complicated by a parent with ADHD. Creating and sticking with systems is difficult. Many attempts have been made and failed for various reasons. In desperation to pull out all the stops to help Little Bit have the best chance… Continue reading Finally a responsibility chart that works!

Gratitude for emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence and regulation can be hard to teach. With ADHD, it is even more of a challenge. I love this gratitude journal. It aids the discussions of teaching gratitude for emotional intelligence for both my girls. Practicing gratitude I enjoy quality time with my girls on the nights that I am not working. We… Continue reading Gratitude for emotional intelligence

Game Changing Magnesium lotion

Nightly magnesium lotion Topical magnesium is a game changer in our home. Read here about the parents nightmare that proved the worth of magnesium for us. Unfortunately the spray didn’t feel amazing on the skin. Enter this game changing magnesium lotion. It combines the benefit of magnesium with essential oils and skin care. Choosing ingredients… Continue reading Game Changing Magnesium lotion

Essential Oils for Gymnasts

Gymnastics is an amazing sport with many unique challenges. Both of my daughters, Little Bit and Biggs spend many of their hours doing gymnastics. Check out some of our favorite uses of essential oils for gymnasts. Essential oils for the gymnasts sore muscles Gymnastics provides fantastic exercise for both of my kiddos. It has strengthened… Continue reading Essential Oils for Gymnasts