ADHD household tools and techniques to thrive

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ADHD household tools and techniques

The last few days have been emotionally charged days with my girls.  Everything was seeming to take longer than it needed to. Numerous reminders were needed to follow through with simple tasks, and tensions were high.  I knew I needed to pull out all of the ADHD household tools and techniques. It was vital to take time to use our tools for thriving amidst the ADHD whirlwind.  I have big goals for the next few days. If I take the time to use all my tools I will set myself up for much more productive days, and significantly less frustration. 

It was time to get started on schoolwork (learn more about our homeschool journey here). I started up our diffuser with one of our favorite school time oils. I remembered I should make sure the girls get all of their supplements (check out my post on those here). Ensuring they have the nutrients they need gives their brains the best shot of functioning well.  They took their chewable supplements, and I mixed their omega 3 oil in their milk. 

I was about to attend to a few of my own needs, when I remembered I should utilize music too. Listening to either Piano Guys or Lindsey Stirling is a favorite tool to stay focused. Both can be found on Amazon music, or Apple radio.

“Work smart not hard”

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference”

Why I fail

Unfortunately the needed remote was not where it belonged.  Knowing the day would go more smoothly with the music, I ensued on at least a 45 minute search. I tidied the countertop that never stays clear. I hung the artwork that had fallen behind the end table waiting to get hung. Another kitchen counter was piled with the usual clutter that never finds its proper place.

I desperately needed to clean and tidy the chaos, and eventually found the remote I needed. Unfortunately I was now significantly delayed in getting started on projects that I needed to get started on during this block of time.  Despite the delay, the time spent was well worth it, as I now have time to write.

Have you read the popular children’s stories “If you give a moose a muffin” or “If you give a mouse a cookie”? The books comically describes a common chain of actions within my ADHD affected household.  Multiple members of the household have ADHD, in addition to normal busy life with kids, pets, etc. I can always see at least 10 things that need to be done from wherever I am in the house.  This is why self care for the neurotypical is so important!  Check out my post about that here.

Empowered mindset

My survival, and goal of moving more towards thriving in an ADHD affected household depends largely on my mindset. I am working towards an attitude of learning to “accept the things I cannot change, and take action to change the things I cannot accept.”

I can change that!

One of my latest things I have decided I cannot accept but have the power to do something about is home repairs.  I have never considered myself handy, or had desire to develop that skill. However, owning a home requires regular maintenance and upgrades to keep up with the wear and tear.  Being married to an ADHD man, that has resulted in lots of shared dreaming of things we’d like to do and improve around the home. Those discussions haven’t equaled a lot of completed projects. 

Rather than complain about what isn’t getting done, follow me to catch some of my steep learning curve, but fun results.  I’ve chosen to take bite size projects on to feel empowered about my surroundings. It’s a great learning thing for my girls to see that they are capable of learning to do almost anything, and becoming capable women.

How to thrive in day to day life

Another survival/thrive technique has been to learn to “work smart not hard” in as many areas as possible.  Online grocery shopping makes it easy to add things to my cart as I notice things are out, and check out when I’m ready to schedule a pick up. Ibotta has saved me money, and introduced me to brands of healthy snacks I may not have known about otherwise. Automatic Amazon subscribe and save deliveries save me from running out of household essentials, our go to ADHD supplements, and healthy snacks. Check out my freezer meal prep tips and tricks here.  These have all saved me a ton of time, money, and sanity. 

I also love my robotic vacuum when our floors aren’t torn up from another disastrous leak (a story for another day).  Anything to save me a little time and extra money from hiring a housekeeper, (although if you can afford it, I’d highly recommend it).  With dogs, cats, and kids, I definitely still have to do a more thorough cleaning from time to time, but it keeps me from going crazy about the dust and hair quite as often.

If you’re in the same boat of feeling like you’re chasing your tail among the adhd whirlwind,  join me on my journey of learning ADHD household tools and techniques to thrive in the whirlwind. Follow me on Facebook, or check out my Pinterest.

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