5 easy nightly habits for ADHD success

Night time scene can be difficult for some, especially with ADHD, but learn how to succeed.

Night time can be hard with kids, particularly with ADHD. At the end of the day kids tanks are empty. Coping skills are at their lowest, and parents are tired too. Quality sleep is needed to recharge for the next day, but accomplishing that can be difficult. Here are 5 nightly habits for ADHD success for a good night sleep. It’s important to set us up for a good day the next day. Read my post for morning success here.

Reading to wind down

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Part of the success for sticking with a routine is to keep it simple. The reality of our busy evenings, we don’t have an hour to wind down most nights. However, a short daily reading is achievable. Reading or being read to has great benefits to the brain. Here is a book my girls love, with short daily readings. It contains fun science facts and often character lessons for discussion. Naturally squeezing in character lessons is vital with ADHD, where navigating social situations is often lagging. They loved the first book in the series too.

Favorite daily night time reading

Magnesium lotion with essential oils

Magnesium is a common deficiency, and replacing it can help with so many things. In addition to oral supplements, we use this DIY magnesium lotion with essential oils. We rub it on the bottoms of our feet, which is a great place to absorb a lot of the essential oils. A little foot massage, and time for TLC is a great end to the day. I use the Serenity essential oil in our lotion, which is great for winding down and sleep. Read more about our use of essential oils for emotions here.

Our DIY magnesium lotion to calm emotions and sleep well

Gratitude Journal

Ending the day on a positive note is so beneficial. It’s easier to get a good night sleep with good thoughts. After a rough day, it’s always good to practice gratitude. Especially with ADHD, it’s common to focus on the negative. Read here about how practicing gratitude daily helps build emotional intelligence. This is the gratitude journal we use, and love for all the simple prompts and reminders.

Our nightly gratitude journal

Weighted blanket

There has been evidence of the use of weighted blankets for calming the senses. Night time is no different. The pressure on the senses can help Little Bit relax and slow her body down for sleep. Blankets are designed to be different weights to appropriately match the weight of the child. Little Bit loves the fuzziness of hers too. Biggs loves her slightly heavier blanket.

Routine-keep it simple

In addition to the above items, our routine consists of brushing teeth and hugs and kisses from mom and dad. Consistent routine is good to cue the body that it’s time to get ready for sleep. However, it is vital to keep it simple. Complex routines are hard to stick to. Everything I’ve mentioned takes only a few minutes. But it’s much better to stick to a simple routine than have the common complaints of kids not staying in bed or sleeping well. Taking the extra few minutes to set them up for success can save a ton of time and stress in the long run.

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