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Life in 2020/2021 were heavy. Life in an ADHD affected household can feel lonely, and full of challenges. As I strive to change my mindset towards empowered living, I have been seeking inspiration. Here are 20 songs for inspiration that are among my current favorites. All of these are available on Amazon’s Music Unlimited, which is currently offering 3 months free. The songs are mostly from Christian artists, but I am encouraged to see a trend towards messages of being real about struggles in life. Regardless of beliefs, I think there are lots of positive messages for everyone.

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1. Up Again (Dan Bremnes)

I love the message of this song, acknowledging that we all screw up. Life hands all of us lemons some times. But we all of us have the choice to continue to get back up and keep trying. This is a great conversation piece for my gymnasts when a particular skill or competition is a struggle. It is also a great conversation for Little Bit when her impulsivity and emotional regulation get the better of her. We get to talk about how to move forward, and how she can make different choices in the future. This is also a great reminder when mom guilt sneaks in.

2. Revolutionary (Josh Wilson)

In the light of all the controversy and division that has been prevalent in recent years, this song is a great reminder for everyone. Kindness costs us nothing, but can be hard to find. I love the reminder for myself, and encouragement to teach my girls the power of kindness.

3. Truth Be Told (Matthew West)

As someone that grew up as a preacher’s kid, this song speaks volumes to me. It was well engrained in me to show up cheerfully to church with a smile on my face. Dirty laundry wasn’t to be aired. People asked for prayers for things like illnesses and injuries.

When the heavier struggles (sin) in life were shared, it was usually a testimony of something in the past rather than current struggles. I love the message that we need to be real and honest to impact change. How are people that want encouragement to change their lives for the better going to feel welcome among people that seem to always have it all together? Personally, the reality of a household impacted by ADHD can be messy. Lets tell the truth and help each other cope with life.

4. Borrow (Josh Wilson)

I love the increase in awareness of mental health struggles. With or without a diagnosis, the reminder in this song is to focus on the present day. The battle is not won all at once. One step at a time wins the race rather than jumping ahead and focusing on the troubles of the future.

5. Miracles (Colton Dixon)

This upbeat song is a great pick me up! It reminds us of the greater plan of God. It is hope that our lives aren’t directed by accident. God redirects us in amazing ways.

6. Help Is On The Way(Toby Mac)

This song reminds us that when we are in the midst of our struggles that God sees us, and will intervene in the perfect timing. We are not left in our troubles alone. Through some of the hardest times in life I have always taken comfort in the story of Joseph. Talk about some dark times! Brother’s left him to die, then sold him into hardship. False accusations left him forgotten in prison. But God had a plan and did amazing things through Joseph. I try to see the challenges in life as potential for God to show up big in his timing.

7. Speak Life (Toby Mac)

Words are powerful. I love the reminder of this song of how each of us has the ability to speak life into people’s life. Recently I got the vibe at gymnastics that the coaches were struggling. Many girls on the team were struggling with mental blocks. They were not able to perform skills that they had previously done successfully, sometimes for years.

The gym has grown significantly, and previous strategies that skilled, experienced coaches used didn’t seem to be working. We had run into some frustrations with coaches forgetting to build the girls up to instill confidence in their own abilities. Biggs had started to doubt herself on a few occasions, but I was able to utilize several tactics to rebuild her confidence.

Rather than be upset with the coaches, we decided it was time to encourage all of the girls on team to write notes of appreciation for each of their primary coaches. While it may or may not make a huge impact, it was a good example for Biggs the ability to find good in anyone and speak that into them. It costs nothing, and everyone can use a little appreciation and encouragement.

8. All Together (Matthew Donehey)

I love the permission to tell the truth and be real. If we create safe spaces to share our struggles, we can go through life’s challenges together. We don’t have to put on the facade of having life all figured out. It can be as simple as the struggles of parenting, particularly a strong willed (ADHD or otherwise) child. It can be deeper struggles, but burden’s are lightened if we share and encourage each other.

9. Reason (Unspoken)

Once again, I love the trend towards recognizing that we all go through major struggles. We all feel discouraged and want to give up at one time or another. I also love the encouragement that God has a plan. And for Christians or not, love is powerful! Let’s show more love to each other.

10. Overcomer (Mandisa)

We all go through challenges in life. Everyone feels hopeless at one point or another. But we all have reason to hope, and the ability to fight to overcome our challenges. We are not alone.

11. Finish Strong (Danny Gokey)

A favorite phrase for me is “adulting is hard”. All of us are faced with hardships and difficulty. But there is always good work to be accomplished. We all have the option to wallow in our sorrows, but it is powerful to push forward and make a difference.

12. You’ve Got Love For Me (Unspoken)

This song reminds me of the poem “Footprints in the Sand”. It reminds us that God has been with us throughout our hard times in life. We are not alone in life.

13. Like Arrows (Matt Hammitt)

Raising kids is hard! Parents frequently doubt their ability to raise kids to be successful, independent, kind humans. As Christians, we strive to raise children that continue to follow God after we let them go into the world as adults. Regardless of beliefs, the greatest responsibility and potential positive impact on the world is guiding the children that we have. I love the reminder of the importance of teaching our children to be able to confidently let them go into the world. Particularly with ADHD or other special considerations, there is much parents can do to set their children up for future success.

14. Pushing Back the Dark (Josh Wilson)

This song encourages us not to believe the lies in our head. We all have value to add, and may be able to offer exactly what someone else needs in the moment. We all have darkness and doubts in our head, but can push past the fears to be a light in a dark world.

15. Weightless (Gateway Youth)

This upbeat song encourages us that God will come alongside us and carry us when we are weak and the burden is too heavy. We all need help sometimes. The burdens of life can be heavy, and we all need to unload sometimes.

16. Find You (Jervis Campbell)

This song provides encouragement to find God amidst the troubles of life. We all get beaten down a bit from the waves of life, and need hope.

17. Unstoppable (Matty Mullins)

This song reminds of the power of love. We can all focus on our own hurts, or allow the healing from God’s love. Once again, regardless of religious beliefs, it is hard to deny the power of love and kindness towards each other. In a dark and broken world, love and kindness can be a true light.

18. Relate (for King and Country)

This song reminds us to recognize that we can relate to each other. We all have hurts in life, and have all been battered by the waves of life. Even those that seem too different from us, there are things we all can relate to. We don’t always know what others are going through, but if we are willing to open our eyes, we can relate to anyone.

19. All in Your Head (Peter Furler)

What are we waiting for? There is no easy or perfect time to do the big things. The song encourages us to follow God’s calling rather than stalling and waiting for the perfect time.

20. Wave Walker (Citizen Way)

This song alludes to Peter walking on the water to Jesus. Satin will attempt to derail all of us from doing the good God calls us to. But the song empowers us to put our faith in God and go big.

Empowered living

I hope you enjoyed this list of 20 songs for inspiration. Feel free to share suggestions for more songs. Wether challenges at home, work, or otherwise, I find putting in these headphones and listening to these and other encouraging messages help get me in a positive mindset. Check out my self care strategies here. Read here about the gratitude journal I use nightly with my kids for another way to encourage a positive mindset. Life is hard. Share the burdens. Show kindness, because it’s free, and being kind is a great way to lift your own spirits.

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