10 simple happiness triggers for daily practice

Making happiness a habit
Consciously choosing happiness daily

In a world full of advice and comparison, it’s easy to feel inadequate. There is lots of advice on self care, but much of it is expensive or time consuming. However, in a world with limited ability to avoid all negative triggers, happiness tools are vital. Here are 10 simple happiness triggers for daily practice in controlling positive input. Consciously practicing at least a few happiness triggers daily can give a sense of control over your outlook.

Happy Smells

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Pleasing your senses can be an easy source of happiness. Smells can be associated with memories, or just smell good. Happiness can be triggered by good food smells like something cooking in the crockpot all day. Check out my freezer meal prep post here to make that easier.

Diffuser bracelet

My most common way to use smells for happiness are essential oils. Check out my post on oils for emotional regulation here. Some days I find myself particularly irritable, which can happen short on sleep with an ADHD child. A go to happiness smell on those days is Balance on this diffuser bracelet. As part of my morning routine, I love choosing a scent for the diffuser based on how I feel or what the day holds. Even a good smelling lotion can lift the mood. Check out my favorite toxin free lotion from doTerra. Find an easy to access scent to add to your toolbox when you need a happiness boost.

Happiness for the eyes

I love the sunlight! Opening the blinds is one of the first things I do in the mornings. Check out the benefit of sunlight with ADHD here. I love to fill my home with family photos of happy times. A yearly Christmas gift in our home is collage photo mugs with pictures of fun memories throughout the year. We do yearly photo books for memories throughout the year as well. I used these frames for several motivational posters with beautiful scenes and hung them throughout the house. There is always something beautiful or meaningful for everyone.

Beautiful destination after a difficult road

Happiness for your ears

Find a happy sound. If playing positive or upbeat music in the background improves the mood, do it. If its listening to music or a podcast in headphones while you clean or exercise, go for it. Here are my current favorite headphones, which are easy to use just one to keep an ear out for kiddos if needed. Check out my current top 20 list here of inspirational songs. Positive words make a difference.

Happiness for your tastebuds

I’m trying to teach my girls that healthy can taste good. But even in moderation, a little indulgence isn’t always bad. Read about potential health benefits of dark chocolate. My daily indulgence first thing in the morning is my chai latte. Easy to make, can be made relatively healthy, and makes my tastebuds happy. Indulge in a favorite coffee. Or find something like I did that tastes great, and makes me feel good about healthy choices. My new favorite go to caffeinated drink is this power boost drink. Helps me drink more water, contains vitamins, and gives me a clean energy boost.

Tactile Happiness

I am teaching Little Bit to ground herself with 3 senses when her emotions get the best of her. For her, this can be her fuzzy weighted blanket, a aroma therapy stress ball, or petting our animals. Read about dogs in an ADHD household here. An adult can also please the sense of touch with something soft or stress relieving. Fidget toys such as rings or stress balls can be for adults too! Another favorite for me is a simple warm shower.

Exercise makes people happy

As quoted by Elle Woods in ”Legally Blonde”, exercise makes people happy. There is lots of scientific backing to the benefit of exercise on mental health. Wether its exercise to manage ADHD, or to manage stress in a stressful environment, exercise can help. Find an exercise that makes you feel happy and use it!

Happiness in taking action

Feeling out of control or helpless to change your situation doesn’t feel good. Find a small action you can take to better your environment. Sometimes taking 5-10 minutes to clean a cupboard or junk drawer that bothers you can help regain a sense of accomplishment or control. Especially in an ADHD household, sometimes the chaos seems to abound. Decreasing the chaos can help.

Prepare something in advance. Even if it doesn’t feel like the most pressing task, doing something simple like making a second meal to put in the freezer can be comforting.

Learn something new, or enjoy a hobby. Taking a few minutes to learn something new can validate feelings of worth and self. A friend of mine took up figure skating classes as an adult. For me a lot of my learning has been home and yard improvement. I have used my brain to learn new things to accomplish something useful. It was multipurpose to make my home more enjoyable.

Practice Gratitude

Our Nightly Gratitude Journal

Read about how we are using a gratitude journal to build emotional intelligence for Little Bit here. Practicing gratitude is a happiness builder for anyone. Find ways to practice gratitude daily. There is always something to be thankful for.

Take time to Love Yourself

Read my post here about ways to love yourself. It is important to regularly speak positively to yourself. Rather than telling yourself everything you’ve failed to do, acknowledge your accomplishments no matter how little. It’s good to set high goals, but avoid the message of ”I can’t”. Feel good about what you have done, and look forward to goals you haven’t accomplished yet. Talk to yourself the way that you encourage friends.

Fill your bucket

There will always be something more that ”should” get done. Allow yourself time to fill your bucket. Bonus if you can fill your kiddos bucket at the same time. Take the time to snuggle on the couch and read together, make the craft, or bake. Play the game. Find activities that fill your buckets and allow time for them. The cleaning, organizing, laundry, etc will always be waiting.

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